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2004-11-02 07:58:17 (UTC)

The election is finally here

Tomorrow, I will be voting in my first Presidential
Election. I am so proud and excited about it. I've been
working so hard to make my voice heard about what I
believe. This is the first time I've actually had
something important to say. I'm glad that I've been
fighting so hard for this, because I really think it's
going to pay off. Tomorrow, I am going to walk into that
voting booth and vote with my conscience. And tomorrow
night we WILL have a new winner. A new President of the
United States will take office in January! I was watching
John Kerry in Ohio today talking about the campaign
dwindling down to the last few minutes before election day
and it made me sad. I believe that John Kerry is an
honest, noble man and I think he will fix this country and
make it a much better place than George Bush and I'm
excited for that. I think things will change and for the
Better. But I was watching the speech and it hit me that
this is almost over. Either it's going to be better or
it's not. If Kerry/Edwards wins, I'll be so proud. But if
they don't...George Bush has another 4 years. Another 4
years of hell for the liberals. Another 4 years of the
environment going to hell. More troops dying. The economy
sucking. I really hope that that isn't the outcome. John
Kerry needs to win this election. The world needs John
Kerry to win this election. We need to get IGNORANCE OUT
OF THE WHITE HOUSE. So, I'm going to pray tonight for John
Kerry and that he wins, because we all need that. I'm
going to go vote tomorrow for the man I think will fix
this America. And I'll be up all night tomorrow watching
and waiting for them to announce the winner. If we get
another 2000 election, it's gonna suck. I'm not capable of
being able to handle that. Everyone needs to get out and
vote and make their votes count. So, I'm going to
say...Good Luck Senator!!! I'll be praying for you and
giving you my vote, you deserve it.

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