X is my secret.
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2004-11-02 05:12:49 (UTC)

Deep thoughts

Haha, no this is no Jack Handy thing. But hey, at least
I'm keepin' the witty titles comin'

Well, here are some thoughts.

First, school. . .well mainly this will be pretty short,
the only reason i'm not starting with guy issues is
because i may need another entry for it.
ANYWAY. . .school.
It sucks. I mean, I've started to realize what I need to
do, and I've been making friends (through food). But it's
all so hard to juggle. I'm bombing my classes, and it just
seems too late to salvage them. Damn I wish i could just
start all over. Math is REALLY biting me in the ass,
Design is a waste of my time, Psychology is sooo hard to
get up for in the morning, and Classical Studies just
feels like rejection (as in I love it, think I do well,
then it just says, OH SNAP, not so much).

I know I need to buckle down, and I am. It's just going to
be so hard to do anything worth while. Even Acing
everything I do in the classes is not going to get me up
to par.
Grade update. . . .
Cl. St. c- plus a c on my last test
Math F plus bombed my last test
Design c-, don't know what's going on there
Psychology c- haven't been to a lecture yet. . .
crap. . .speaking of lectures. . .i have to go to that
tomorrow. . i told brad i would. . .

crap, i'm distracted. . .more later!

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