2004-11-01 21:53:52 (UTC)

Mono Sucks so bad!

So yeah, i don't know if i've mentioned this before but
recently i've had mono for a couple weeks now and omg it
sucks so bad! I'm always so tired and i never have any
energy to do anything and i just wanna curl up into a
little ball and sleep. (with sean ofcourse, lmao) but
yeah, i think Sean's getting it now too (cuz u know, it is
called the "kissing disease") which would suck even more
cuz i'd feel so bad. I don't want him to get sick too! He
didn't go to school today cuz his throat hurt and last
night after work he was feeling all sick and such and ugh,
i feel so bad, lol. I missed him so much today too. School
sucks even more when he's not there. It's so true!
So anyways, my Halloween i didn't really do much. I
mean, there wasn't much we could do considering it was a
school night and all. Saturday we tried to find Haunted
Houses to go to but eh, not much luck with that either.
But guess what we did for like 3 hours before that. Two
words: San Andreas. Lmao, for all u Video game lovers out
there, u know exactly what I'm talking about.
Well, guess I'm done for today. I called off of work
today cuz i'm too tired to do anything so i guess all i
hafta do now is sit here and just relax and talk to Sean
and try to KEEP WARM! Lmao, i'm freeeezing!!!!!!