my life sux
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2004-11-01 20:02:21 (UTC)

I had a doozy of a seizure last night

Hello Diary, 11-1-04

Well Here goes my seiaures again.
Lastnight I really hurt myself when I had a seizure.
It seems like Dennis is getting to the poinf where he just
doesn't care anymore.

I thought he really did at one point but I gues I'm wrong
really bad wrong worse than ever have been in my life.

It looks like no one really gives a shit about me anyway.
I'm just the one with the seizures that know one cares about
any way.

This life really sucks royally.
The seizure I had lastnight I was told I was walking into
I wastaught that you where suppose to guide people away from
things so they don't hurt themself.
SSo I'm now convinced My own husband hates because he lets
me get hurt.