Bruce Wayne

2004-11-01 17:05:33 (UTC)

A long long time

It's been ages since I wrote here...too long. The more
things change the more they stay the same. Yesterday was
my Birthday , and as far as B'days go it was good. I am
suffering (to strong a word) from some malaise, most of
which is Kyle realted.

Friday night Rob and I went out to dinner, and had a nice
time. Rob wanted to go look at cell phones for him 'cause
she promised him one if he made the honor roll. I'm not
entirely comfortable with turning a cell phone over to
him, but I have little, to noting to say anymore. We came
home, she ran out to pick him up from football and at
10:30 he strolls downstairs to announce that he needed to
be at his friends house @ 6:00 AM to attend the Sox
victory parade. This meant that we were all going to have
to wake up @ 5:00. Robyn respponded to it like it was no
big deal...sure we can all be inconvenienced for you
again ...fucking jerk. So Sat morning rolls around and
5:00 the alarm goes off in his room for a good solid
minute before his highness shut it off. She drove him,
came home and slept...I , on the other hand was wide awake
and the bad mood started brewing. I was out of sorts all
day. I decided to get out of the house and went guitar
shopping and found a better frame of mind. He arrived home
shortly after I did and I asked him how the parade was
and he grunts "ok" and goes to his room. Asshole. I
should know better than to start a conversation with good comes of it.

We went out to dinner Sat night to a really nice, very
expensive restaurant for my birthday. You would have
thought we were walking Kyle to the gallows he was so
glum. No good deed goes unpunished...the inconvenience of
getting up @ 5 already forgotten by Mr. Selfish. It took
a good 10 minutes into the meal to elevate his mood so
that the evening could be enjoyable. I let it go for the
evening, and the next day we were having people over for
football. Once again he was just insufferable to be
around. He walks around here as if he's insulted and
frankly I can't stand it. When he does speak to anyone you
can see him evaluating their response soo critically. I do
my level best to interact as little as possible with him
because I've learned that no good can come from it. I
watch Robyn as this occurrs and I vacilate between feeling
badly for her and feeling contemt for her. She is all
smiles and playfull trying to put a happy face on the
situation. I appreciate the effort but it kind of angers
me that she doesn't call him on his behavior.

He was a tool for the most part with everyone here. He
virtually ignored Christopher, which is just plain rude.
He just sits on his ass and lets the world come to him. I
can't wait for him to get old enough for this behavior to
have it's own consequence. I look forward to the day when
mommy can't smoothe the wrinkles of his shitty little life

As we were cleaning up from the game, he yells in from the
livingroom that there was shit on the floor from the cat.
Idiot...the shit was about the size of the cats head...ti
was the dogs. Instead of getting up and helping clean it
he sits there and laughs, untill the smell got to him and
he went into the kitchen...still laughing. Then he wants
to know why we're pissed off...GET OFF YOU LAZY ASS AND

The dog shit on the rug was pretty much a metaphor for
everything that goes on with him.

I loathe the fact that he is ever in this
house...especially after the pot issue and his mothers
choice to omit the fact that he brought it in the house.
Then her denial that she ommitted it, or that there was
any information to confirm that he brought it in here. I
guess the bag with 2 buds and the pipe wasn't enough. You
can be sure if that were evidence against me I'd be guilty
as charged.

Wow...guess I'm pretty angry...not that it'll change
anything. If I bring it up it'll be a fight, if I stuff it
down it'll erode at us. What's the difference?