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2004-11-01 04:05:23 (UTC)

Clearwater Nastolgia

Well, that was a great weekend. The girls (Elisa, Jess,
Jenna, and Erin) and I all had a blast this weekend.

I did a lot of thinking on the car ride home though. the
only problem with that is that I usually do thinking while
I'm listening to music. So It's hard to recall it all when
I get down to the computer lab here.

Well I'll just tell you about my weekend first. Did a lot
of fun stuff, mainly kitchen work of course, but I love
it. The first night I swear, God's love was the only thing
running my car those last few miles. I had been riding on
E since like Garrison, and didn't think I was going to
make it all the way to camp. I got there and as soon as I
saw Greg's house at the gate, I almost started to cry. I
pulled into the DH and started shaking because I was so
happy my car hadn't broken down.
I got out and went into the office, I was about 3 hours
early, because they must not have gotten the message that
I was not stopping in the cities anymore. And I had been
speeding pretty heavily in a panic of no gasoline in my
poor JJ. In the office stood Elisa, her mother, and DJ. I
got a HUGE hug from Elisa, which calmed my shaking a bit,
the a little introduction to Elisa's mommy, and then a hug
from DJ. Then the shaking began to fade as Erin spotted me
and jumped on me, adn Jess came at me from the other
direction. I was injured, but it was all LUBS INJURIES!!!

Finally when I was calm, Erin and I went and put our stuff
in our room and everything was back to normal. Well,
almost normal, I mean tons of people were missing. But at
the moment, in that room with Erin, and in the kitchen
right before that, it was all back. I was home.

The next morning it was the great up at 7 AM thing again,
which is actually sleeping in on a regualr camp day, but
Vikki and Kris both came in, so we went in later.

Breakfast was pancakes and smokies (YEY SMOKIES!!!!) Then
dishes, and then subs for lunch, for all PCF people, we
had new buns this time, they were to DIE FOR. OH MAN.
Anyway, then more dishes. Then we got a 3 HOUR BREAK, NAP
TIME. I dreampt of John. . . *giggle*.
Dinner was pork tenderloin, and sour cream-cheesy
potatoes. OMG I HATE DOING THOSE PANS!!!!! Well, that was
teh day, then the girls and I all sat in a room and had a
night of laughs. Mainly about farts, poop, who though poop
was funny, how funny poop was, sex, virginity, vaginal
anatomy, piercings,boys. . . . yeah all that other great
girl stuff.

Then, daylight savings time came, and it was time for bed.
I had great dreams . . . of John. I'll talk all about that
stuff later.

Then was today, breakfast, cinnamin rolls, eggs. . .no
power. . . .dish washing postponment. Well everyone had
left except Jess and I. So we decided to sweep and mop the
Dining Hall. Then at 11:30 (breakfast was at 9:45) the
power went back on, and I started in on the kitchen. Vikki
found out the power was back on and rushed over to help
finish it. Since I was staying, she let Kris finish
painting her bathroom, which I was cool with. It was fun,
thinking and doing dishes. A lot of thinking this
weekend. . .A lot of John thinking, God thinking,
spiritual thinking. . . .

Well that was the weekend, I left at 3, and I'm here now.
It's great, but I have to go do some things, then journal
all that thinking I did.

Talk to y'all soon.