The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
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2004-11-01 03:50:20 (UTC)

Thats why our friendship works

I was told my friendship between one of my best friends
this morning, worked because she knew I had a crush on
her. This was after she told me your not supposed to have
crushes on your friends. She has a boyfriend, I have a
stupid crush on her. Wow the world works in fucked up
ways. I mean yeah I have other crushes, but shes the
biggest one, and it doesn't really help that we're close.
Oh well. Went to a party last night after work. It was
fun, had a couple of drinks and watched Halloween. I know
it is suppsoed to be a scary movie but it was pretty damn
funny. Oh well, I had a good time.

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