Nick's Journal
2004-10-31 16:55:36 (UTC)

I probably shouldn't leave the house

i've found it's safer if i just sit at home. no
socializing, especially not with co-workers. as my
example i will give you a luncheon i had with my coworkers
on friday. i went with the upper echelon of paralegals
who just all happened to be frat guys. so they were all
talking about their frat experiences giving me the
pleaseant silence.
i knew that if i didn't speak up soon i would fall on the
outside crest of conversation. waiting for the tide of
conversation to drop and having to hit them with a tidal
wave of a statement i planned my exposition carefully.
i have never been part of a frat and i had no idea what
they did, i couldn't ocme up with something convincing so
i decided to throw up my defensive shield of sarcasm,
hoping they'd think it was funny.
they were talking about the horribly cruel things they'd
done to freshman initiates. most of them bordering on the
brink of sodomy and bestiality. i decided to just put on
the table what they were all conveying through their frat
esp anyhow.
"yeah i mean i remember this one evening we got some new
freshmen pledges all drunk and just raped the shit out of
them. i mean we got so tired of raping them that we had
to bring in banshee the frat dog to take a turn at them."
"are you joking?"
"what frat are you a part of?"
"i've never been part of a frat"
"figures, only someone who didn't know the dedication of
brotherhood would take such a great part of someones life
and turn it into a joke."
whoaaaaaaaaaaa, is this the same guy who just guffawed
about making a pledge shit in his hat and wear it to a
i excused myself and went to the safety of the temp
workroom. atleast i don't have to work with the upper
echelon...not like i'd want to anymore.