Nick's Journal
2004-10-31 16:48:01 (UTC)

Age Gaps

This halloween has truly been a spooky one. on friday i
went to my first adult party. basically it consisted of
two rooms filled with 30 somethings not wanting to let go
of their twenties but still too "dignified" to actually
talk to people in their twenties. i came in to a priest
whipping a pregnant school-girl. or rather a woman
dressed as a school girl. aside from that there was an
arab dude dressed as a gimp, the scariest costume by far,
constantly flicking his cat of nine around, the worst part
is that i think that he probably had a hard-on during the
whole party. aside from the perverts there were two
babies chillin' there too. they were pretty cool and i
could have a conversation with them at about the same
level as i woudl with all the other guests. i think i
pissed off one of the fathers though, because he kept on
taking pictures of his kid. i mean granted the kid was
just so cute he'd make you shit flowers, all dressed up in
his tigger costume, but after 30 flashes of a digital
camera you gotta stop. so i kind of ventured this
proposition allowed and he gave me a look of,
"i will take as many pictures of the biggest time
consumption of my life as i please to justify its
i also went to a highschool thing last night. one of
those clubs where goth kids get out of their parent's suvs
to scream into a microphone about the injustices of a
country they couldn't place on a map. the one band was
kinda funny. the singer was this big dude who wailed into
the mike with so much sorrow it got to be hilarious. i
bet you to well up all that sorrow in his lard-encrusted
heart he just thinks about not making it to wendy's by 2
am and having to eat some carrot sticks instead.