2004-10-31 16:16:30 (UTC)


I've finished two hats for charity. One is a dark pink with
baby cables and the other is ribbed gray with a couple of
red stripes. I've started another; a variegated yarn of
blues, purples and greens.

It was John's idea to go out to dinner tonight, mainly to
save time I think. He'll leave work early so he can get to
his class which starts at 6 p.m. I'll wait for him in the
car and knit; he said it probably won't be longer than a
half hour or so. We'll do our shopping at Fred Meyer's and
Costco and then go out to dinner. We haven't decided where yet.

I had some trouble collecting my email today. I thought at
first it was Netscape so I tried Outlook Express but that
didn't work either. I called Shannon over at the telephone
company (our local phone company is also our Internet
provider--in fact, it is the only Internet provider
available unless we want to pay long distance charges or go
satellite). She told me it was probably that the first
message had a large attachment or something so she deleted
it but it still didn't work. She had me change some settings
on the program (which didn't make any sense to me, but okay)
and at that point I was able to collect my mail. Hugh thinks
it was a problem they were having and since they know I
don't know much about software or computers or the Internet,
they fixed it while I was changing the settings. Hmmm....
possible, I suppose. Anyway, I was finally able to collect
my email.

I made a quick trip to the post office before John came home
to mail some anniversary, get well and birthday cards. They
were all local so they'll all get them tomorrow morning.