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2004-10-31 16:14:33 (UTC)


There were only a dozen of us or so at church today as quite
a few people are ill. That's not unusual as many are also
elderly. We'll remember to keep them in our prayers. When
the time came in the service to share our joys and concerns
I asked for prayers for John and the other mill workers who
will be working long, long hours in the next week or two,
for our soldiers in the military that they come home safe
and for world peace, and thanks for technology like the cell
phone I keep in my pocket which let me phone Pastor Ruth to
ask her to come and let me out of the locked church on Thursday.

After church I told Carol about how Hugh is having routine
heart tests as he does every two years because of the heart
defect he was born with and one was the Holter monitor that
was put on Tuesday afternoon. This is a 24 hour continuous
EKG used to detect any possible rhythm problem of the heart.
Cardiogram leads were placed on his chest and attached to a
small tape recorder which was then hooked to his belt. The
problem was all the wires. Before leaving for school
Wednesday Hugh asked me for masking tape to tape the wires
so they couldn't be seen hanging outside his shirt. He'd
recognized that with all the security now people have been
warned to keep an eye out and report someone who has wires
hanging out.,2933,120577,00.html
I hadn't even thought of that but I'm glad he had! I
complimented him on his foresight. Much better to tape all
the wires up then have to answer questions from security
people or worse, have someone call in the police or FBI. He
also brought his cardiologist's business card with him.
There were no problems.

I'd admired Carol's vase of white tipped purple dahlias
mixed with pink ones and she invited me to bring them home
which I did. They are in the middle of the dining room table
where I can admire them every time I walk by.

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