2004-10-31 16:12:28 (UTC)

One Day Off

And today is it.

John and I went to Junction City and dropped off some pie
for his parents. They weren't home but we saw them at the
trailer park they own and stopped there. John's mother is
getting ready for a sale they're having of the many items
they have stored at their house there as they want to sell
the trailer park soon. She had me go through the Tupperware
boxes to take home what I want and I found quite a few items
although there weren't any regular storage boxes. They were
all specialty types like pickle holders. John noticed an old
dresser and his mother said that it had belonged to his
great grandmother. He told her to please let him know if
there were any family items that no one else wanted before
selling them as he'd probably want them. He told me later
he'd rent a storage locker to keep them in if he had to
before allowing family things to be sold for a few dollars.
We bought gas in Junction City; Eugene has a gas tax which
also makes the price there higher. Still, it cost almost $35
to fill the tank.

We went to the bread store and then to Costco but it was
horribly crowded so we skipped Costco and made a quick stop
to buy some items at the home improvement store before
heading home. John said I could go with him to Albany
tomorrow night when he has class and we could do our Costco
shopping afterwards.

Monday will be the only day he comes home at a fairly
reasonable hour for at least a week. He has to be home by 5
p.m. on Monday to go to class but he'll be working 12-16
hours shifts starting Tuesday through at least next Sunday.
Tomorrow he's scheduled to go to work at 11:30 a.m. and
he'll probably work a 12 hour shift. He said he had enough
lunch so all I'll need to do is fix him a thermos of coffee.

I've finished a child's hat for charity knitting and started
another. I've also knit two pairs of booties. My sewing room
is full of boxes of yarn so I really need to start turning
these into finished items so I'll have more room in there.