Talking about Whatever
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2004-10-31 08:24:32 (UTC)


Hey! Tomorrow is Halloween. Well, actually today. I like
Halloween, but I'm not a kid anymore and I wasn't invited
to any parties, so I don't really care.
I talked to Jeff the other day, ex-boyfriend, for a couple
hours. It felt really good. Now I keep thinking about him
and I really wish that I would just stop. I only got
online tonight to see if he was on. I'm so pathetic. I
don't know. I've been completely over him for like a year
and a half, now he's talking to me again. He kept bringing
up old memories and stuff and he kept saying how he wanted
to watch a movie, but he didn't want to watch it alone.
When I said "I'd come over, but I think it would be a
little awkward" he said "ya think?" I asked him if that
question was a serious one or joking and he said a little
of both. I'm a horrible person, but I wouldn't mind just
hooking up or something. I mean, a girl needs a little
action once in a while. But we'll see.
The weight thing sucks. I was 115 yesterday and 117 today.
I dont get it. I wanted to be 115 by Halloween and I was
for one day. All I had today was a Pizza Hut salad, so
maybe I'll be back down there tomorrow. I HOPE!!! Ok, well
I'll talk to you later.