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2004-10-31 07:13:30 (UTC)

A School Rant

Well it's again been a while since I wrote in here. It
seems that I just can't seem to find the time for the
little things that I enjoy anymore. It sucks. Grade 12 is
supposed to be the best year of your life but seriously,
it has brought on more stress than you could believe. I
hate school and I've probably told my mom a million
times that I'm not going to university cuz of my true hate
for learning. I know I probably will go anyway and I even
know what I'm gonna do. (for those of you who don't know,
I think I'm gonna get an English degree and then either
become a newspaper editor, or something like that or else
get into communications cuz it sounds interesting... ooo
the possibilities!)

I'm a strong believer in "everything I needed to know I
learned in kindergarten" (on a one-on-one note with you, I
strongly suggest that you read that poem some day... so
true). I mean what lifelong useful things have you learned
that you didn't learn in kindergarten. Yes, trigonometric
functions may get you somewhere in the working life; they
may get you a good paying job and make you really rich but
what about real life... interacting with other people.
What does school teach you about that? Huh? Really. I
guess I shouldn't say what does school teach you about
that cuz I think that people at school teach you
everything about that. I mean the snotty girls who call
you names and mock you teach you that it doesn't matter
what other people think about you and that you'll always
have to put up with a-holes so you just have to not let it
get to you. Your friends teach you to be yourself and how
to behave if you want to keep them as friends. And
somewhere in the mix you learn to be honest from someone
cuz life will screw you over if you're not in every form.
I think what I really mean is what do teachers teach you
about life besides if you don't know how to do this,
you'll be working at McDonald's for the rest of your life.
Oh right, and if you don't do things my way your screwed.
They pretty much teach you that you will always be under
dictatorship and to just follow everything that everyone

Well I just needed to just let it all out. I feel alot
better now. Have a great day!