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2004-10-30 16:25:49 (UTC)

Fun Week

This week was pretty fun. Although, being sick, having
mono, and visiting doctors ALMOST made this week suck, it
was still fun. Monday Tuesday and Wednesday sucked as
usual ofcourse. Thursday though was so much fun. Sean and
I went to Reaper's Realm with his parents and omg that
was, i'd have to say, the best Haunted House I have ever
been to. It was scary as hell (but then again, i get
scared SOOOO easily) and there were some parts of the
house where the floors would move, or there would be
optical illusions going on where you'd feel like the floor
was a roller coaster. I mean, wow. I've never been to a
haunted house that put so much effort into scaring people.
So anyways, I held Seans hand the entire time. I held it
so hard i thought i was gonna break it. lol, well except
for this one part of the house where i let go cuz the
scary dude was following me and i ran ahead and got
separated from Sean for like 5 seconds. But still, that
was scary! It wasn't fair. The scary dudes kept going
after ME! Not Sean, ME! I guess cuz Sean kept trying to
scare THEM and stuff. Lol! But anyways, throughout the
entire house, when the scary dudes were following me, I'd
be like Hi, how are you, nice to meet you, now leave me
alone! lol, i didn't know what else to say! lol, but yeah,
overall, i had a nice time. I think Sean did too just
because he liked how scared i was and stuff and how i was
freaking out so bad. Haha, very funny.
So anyways, last night was fun also. Sean came over
for a little bit and he carved pumpkins and stuff with us.
It's this gay-ass tradition of my families where we get
together and carve pumpkins and then put them out on the
porch. My mom hopes that when we're all older and moved
out, we'll still come over and carve pumpkins with her.
lol. Kinda cute. So yeah, i was glad my mom wanted Sean to
be a part of it. She thinks of him as part of the family
which makes me so extremely happy. My whole family does,
actually. It's cute how my brothers look up to him and
wrestle around with him and stuff, thinking they can beat
him up, lol. It's so FUNNY! My dogs even like him! Lmao!
And i think I'm pretty much the same way with his family.
Which is really cool. So yeah, i think I'm gonna end this
now. This weekend should be pretty fun. I mean, c'mon!
It's Halloween. It's always fun.

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