My Aphrodisiac
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2004-10-29 23:07:06 (UTC)


So, here it is... damn near 6pm and I have absolutely
nothing planned at all for this weekend. Thanks to my boo
having to work. Ain't that about a bitch? Yes, so lets
discuss...Cass got me sayin' that shyt. My roomie is out
of town gettin' it crunk in NY, and I am here alone.
Also, lets remember that I have no friends out here. Nita
is mad at me, I ain't fuccin' w/ Darion no time soon which
also means I don't even have a way to get high cuz I don't
know a weed man. Ummm...yea, so that's about it. I don't
have shyt to do. I really got to find some weed. This is
so...not the biz! Damn, I really ain't got no friends.
lol... Hmmm...that's not good. I prayed for some. Lets
see what happens w/ that. Damn, does that sound bad? A
sista gotta pray for friends. Anyways, next subject. My
boo. Yes. Lawd, yes. So, this morning I was cryin' and
shyt. I really wanted to spend time w/ him. And my
feelings was kindda hurt. Also, I'm scared as fucc cuz I
really see myself falling. It was like I took a step back
and just watched myself trip, then slip...and I'm
slowly...falling. I was kindda pissed off cuz last night
the nigga didn't pick up his mothafuccin' phone. I don't
give a hell if it was almost 1. Pick up yo' damn phone
when I call. Cuz I'm used to the shaddy nigga type. Show
me that you ain't one of those types. Ya' know? I mean,
I'm scared here. Very. I was tryin' to deny it any way
possible. But yea... right now I just wish he'd pop the
hell up and be at my door. boo. I miss him!
Fucc! I hate feelin' like this. Ok...toodles. perhaps
I'll write a lil' poetry or somethin'.