Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2004-10-29 14:40:52 (UTC)

No title

And once again the silence speaks
But for a first I might listen to what it has to say
It whispers to me through the dark,
through the palm leaves and the salty night
And for once it says you're ok
And for once it says more joy

Contrary to popular belief, contrary to the notes and the
words, contrary to the liquids that give me a headache when
I awake, contrary to the obsenities I leave on my sheets, to
the sour taste it all leaves in my mouth, to the things I
pull out from the inside...

Sometimes I wake up with a smile, and sometimes I sit
straight up in bed knocked out of lucidity with a start and
I can't tell the difference, sometimes I know that there's a
reason for it, usually I don't know anything. I still wake
up every day though, and I know when it's sunny it will be
hot out and when it's overcast I know it will burn off by
noon. I know the ground will shake soon, I feel it under my
feet, and I know that something will come along one day, but
I still don't know shit.

There's a typed mess of letters that will go up in smoke in
less than a day, I asked for catharsis and finally realize I
don't need to be in the desert, I know I'll finally feel it
away from the tribe but I know I'm right there. Maybe my
thoughts will change tomorrow and feel my heart shattered,
but right now it's all just right where it's supossed to be.

Maybe my eyes are just opened to be reminded that I'm blind,
but maybe this time I can see.

I want to cast off and sail among the reeds, and I don't
mind doing it alone.