my life sux
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2004-10-29 12:33:16 (UTC)

Life it only seems to be good for certain ppl

Hello Diary, 10-28--04

I'm still having pain from the VNS.
I'm also still having increased seizures also.
It seems a lot of ppl don't have a care in the world and
have never had anything wrong with them;and they have the
nerve to ask me why I get upset when I have a seizure or
They ask if I take my medicine and that just infuriates me!
I do everything I'm suppose to do on my end not to have
seizures and it just doesn't work.
They think I over react well they should try having them all
the time than they'd see how they felt.
I'm just so fed up.
I want a decent life with controlled seizures.
And I guess that's asking to much it seems so.