u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-10-28 19:54:56 (UTC)

ookay i havent written in here..

ookay i havent written in here in forever, sorry guys! wow

so bostons gotta be pretty damn confused. 86 years of "o
ya we got this this year red sox all the way" and
then "just april guys!" and suddenly we win
it all....they wont know what to do with themselvs

we might sell out house, but shhh keep it on the low i
dont know if its definate or not. if we move FAR away, i
think ill die. ill pull out the whole guilt trip thing on
my parents about how i was moved around too much wen i was
little and every time i like wherever we are, we move

please excuse me the smoke detectors are going off!

ya almost burnt monicas pizza and ppl are going door to
door selling candles for the jr. class at sum school (god
theres a mob of em!)and then my fone rand lol such a busy

haha this sounds so second grade but i think matt looked
at me today (shock!!) i duno maybee i was hallucinating
(c'mon i think i c this kid every where now-a-days!)
ya...or he was lookin at sum1 behind me haha thats
actually probly wat it was

cant wait 4 kaylas party saturday night, and me n jenn an
kaylee might go to the dance tomorro (i kno it sounds like
it guna suck, but we'll spice it up) gotta go bye

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