Visions Of Life
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2004-10-28 18:15:18 (UTC)

Re-Defeat Bush and other things..

Ugh. I am so sick of being stressed. It just feels like I
am meant to be cursed and that some higher power wants me
to give up my dreams. Life is strange. On one hand, I love
life and am so happy because i have my soul mate. On the
other hand I am sick of struggling and life being so damn
unfair. I have a list of charities I want to help but have
no money to give, especially when worried about december
rent as well as christmas. I cant find a real job or even
one that is full time. I had such a spectacular job but
because of Qwest and their fucking monopoly, the company
was forced into chapter 7 and alas, I have no real job.
Despite my experience, no one will hire me except for
retail holiday jobs. All I want is a real job so I dont
have to worry about money for a change. These last six
months or so have been hell yet wonderful. I feel like i
have to give up college so i can go to a trade school just
so I can survive in this economy. I dont want to do that.
I want to finish my degree then go to nusring school so I
can pay for graduate school. It all seems so hopeless. Im
not supposed to get my period but I did and Ive had it for
4 days already. Im so disgusted and want it to go away and
quit cursing me. At least Im not pregnant...

I hate when I write depressing entries, but I have no
other outlet really except for one Im not allowed to use.
It just seems like it is impossible to get above the
poverty line, even when I was making what I thought was
good money. It just isnt fair. Im a good person,
intelligent, and a hard worker. Why is life so hard for me
and so easy for spoiled brats who only care about
themselves. *sigh*

Im also worried abou the Presidential election. I am so
terrified that Bush will get re-elected (or elected for
the first time depending on your view). That would just
kill me. He is already destroying this country and 4 more
years will damn our country forever. He is such a horrible
person/leader and I cant see why anyone would want that
scum in the white house. If he does win the elction then I
may consider moving to another country if my husband
agrees. He wants to go to Egypt and go on some digs. I
would consider stopping school for now if it meant I could
leave this country before it was destroyed. Too bad i have
no money to just leave. I honestly feel that if he is
elected, this country will be attacked again. Please, if
you read this, do not vote for Bush. Vote for Kerry. It is
a matter of life and death. I want to be proud to be an
american again, but cant with that idiot as president. He
is an embarassment.

Random thoughts- I get so sick of Americans and *cough*
Bush *cough* using the "911 card" as justification for
evil. Its just like the Israelis using the hollocaust card
as justification for the evil deeds they do. Just because
something horrible happens doesnt mean you can hurt

I am sick of political ads in general. Im worried Coors
may be elected to senate, but I dont think that would be
as disasterous as Bush being elected. I just dont like
Coors and have a bad feeling for him. Maybe because he is
another silver spooned brat who has had everything handed
to him and would only be elected because of money. But
thats a republican for you.... Plus, like most
republicans, he will only help the rich and the rest of us
can go to hell...

I think thats my ranting for now. I wish i could write
poetry or anti-poetry but I cant. But I feel better.