My Aphrodisiac
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2004-10-28 01:48:43 (UTC)

It's been a while..

So, what's the latest? Ok...last thursday I went to the
hospital due to mf'in' food poisoning from the cafeteria!
Ain't that about a...?! Yea, I was throwin' up and shyt.
It was no joke! and my boo are doin' cool. I
was a lil' bitchy today cuz I miss him. This relationship
stuff is so foreign to me. I totally forgot what it was
like. Nah, but it's a lot different with him. He's so
damn sweet. Awwww...I think he's comin' out here this
weekend. He would like to. I'm most def. in the
cupcakin' mood. Uh, Nita's mad at me for some ol'
bullshyt. Do I give a damn? HELLZ NO! Shyt, she'll get
over it. dad wrote me back. Excusin' his ol'
fucced up past ways. And the nigga just called me. He
did send this cute ass picture of "us". The reason for
the "us" is because it's the side of his face and me
standin' on his lap. I was a lil' Diva boi! And I look
the EXACT same! It's outrageous! lol...Oh, let me share
with you all my two A's I just got! Yep, I keep gettin'
all these A's I just may have to sell my pimp juice. You
know?! I'm over excited about my gyrls comin' out here to
visit for Homecoming. It's goinz down! They ain't
ready...they ain't even ready. Well, a sista has a
fuccin' Psych test tomorrow that we all know I ain't
studied for... so lemme get back. I'll holla!!

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