X is my secret.
2004-10-27 02:55:39 (UTC)

. . . . Boys

OK hopefully if you know me well enough, you get the
innuendo that is made when putting this entry's name with
the last one.

Well boys, let's just hope that one of them never reads
this right?

Well let's start with the least exciting.

I have a crush on a boy who is in many of my classes. It's
only a small crush, and honestly is starting to look like
just a friendship, which is awesome, then I can
concentrate on my more important guy. Brad, the crush, is
really sweet and really smart. I spent almost all of
Monday with him after Design Studio. I feel kind of bad,
but I'll explain that later, it's about John. But Brad and
I just chilled all night really, mainly math stuff, tons
of fun though. I really think he's an awesome guy, and
would consider him my best friend on campus so far. YEY!

Then there's Aaron. Aaron goes to school in Eau Claire,
that's right, same place as Matt, and Katherine, in fact
she introduced us. Well Aaron is an interesting situation,
you see, I'm using Aaron, and I think it's mutual.
I only go to see Aaron, when I'm sexually frusterated.
Which is bad I know, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's
gotta do, adn this girl is unattached. If I were to, let's
say become unavailable, Aaron would be gone in a flash. Or
go down to friend status really quick. He's a really cool
guy, baseball player farm boy. But I can see past that, I
don't have to deal with much of that, just the fun part. I
don't know waht else to say about him. I feel kind of bad,
but since I'm not anyone's girl right now, I'm free to do
what I want right? RIGHT!

Sigh, well then there's John.
I don't know about John.
Things with John are weird. But I don't think he knows it.

I'm going to go run some errands, I'll think and get back
to John, promise.


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