X is my secret.
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2004-10-27 02:46:28 (UTC)

The quick and dirty on me. . . . . .

I don't know why I named this one after a quote from Mr.
Hagle, but meh, why not.

So that rash, yeah, it's much better already. So that's
enough about that.

While I was at the doctor I also had him check out my
thyroid (yes that means getting my blood drawn :-D). They
called me today and the results came back fine, AKA I
don't have hypothyroidism. Which is odd, since I have been
on synthroid before, and as far as I know, it's not
curable, but that's only as far as I know, I could just
not know, I'll look it up later.

The pills I am on for the rash apparently change my
appetite, mood, and sleep patterns. Well, I'm abnormally
happy, I have not been eating as much at chosen meal
times, and I haven't noticed a sleep change. That might be
counteracted by the fact that the Z. . .Z. . .anti-
histamine I'm taking for the itch causes drowsiness.

So as you would imagine, I have a job now, I'm only
working about 11.75 hours a week which only qualifies me
for $7.25 an hour, but hey, it's cash. I also found out
though that the volunteering I'm doing at camp is actually
paid, so it's not really volunteering, but hey, I'd go w/o
the pay and everyone knows it.

So I'm rolling in dough, I'm looking into another business
venture and I'm workin' hard on the studies. I know that's
amazing to believe, but I really have to start getting
into the swing of things. I got all midterms. . .which is
bad. I have all C-s and an F. So I have to start doing
much better here, or gettin' extra-credit where I can.

Well that's all for that junk, I'm going to move on to
boys, but for those of you who care nothing about any of
the other crap in my life, I'll make it easier on you, adn
make it a seperate entry. . .. .


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