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2004-10-27 00:07:24 (UTC)

10.26.04 LaLaLaLa: An Alixian Guide

....Lalalala is an indication of what would be a
typically immature reaction to, say, a spoiled person.
Being the strict gentleman that I am, I of course refuse to
mention the spoiled person that plays an influence in what
I am about to talk about, but I suppose the answer is
rather obvious.
So this here is the Alixian Guide to dealing with
spoiled people. If you have limited experience reading an
Alixian guide, I write this disclaimer on your behalf:
prepare yourself for the loosely connected and wholly
capricious thoughts of Alix on the above listed issue.
Expect little order, and read primarily for the sake of

There are, of course, tons of spoiled people that
walk among us, and their degree of "spoiledness", if you
will, varies. This is not for those who are moderately
spoiled, no: this is for those who, even under regular
circumstances absoulutely DEMAND their way.
It occurs to me that the synonyms for American usage
of the word "spoiled", when objectively used toward people,
are to some degree considered disrespectful. But for the
sake of clarity, I find it necessary to define what I mean
by "spoiled". "Spoiled" is the word used to reference those
who have become so used to immediately obtaining what they
desire that, upon refusal of such a desire, instead of mere
acceptance (thus showing their ablity to do without), they
break into a level of intensified emotions, which, among us
who are non-Buddhists, is spectacularly agonizing. These
people are so unmeasurably stubborn that it brings those
who find themselves easy-going and rather mellow to
amplified levels of hostility.
It is not, however, with this spirit that we must
address the spoiled. It is, instead, with the patience of
the Zen and the strong willed-ness of a tyrant that we must
deal with these spoiled people. I, by that last statement,
ask you not to misunderstand me, for there is nothing worse
than fighting a spoiled person with being spoiled. There
are characteristics of the spoiled person that do play a
tremendously effective part of dealing with them.
One must remember, first, to under NO circumstances
react on emotion when dealing with these people. You must
choose logic and reason over any feeling, and always bear
in mind that YOU are the logical one, the right one. You
must do more than think this: you must know this, for it is
this that will give you the uncompromising spirit for
dealing with a spoiled one. There is such an enormous
difference in the demeanor of one who thinks something and
one who knows something.
It is important, also, that we know why the other
person is so spoiled. The very name "spoiled" implies that
them getting what they desire for so long has made them of
poor quality. This is true. It is because of this that the
person has put their needs over logic AND everyone else's
needs, regardless of how severe. Asking a spoiled person to
do something that they don't want to do is usually the
trigger for what becomes an argument: the very fact that
they don't want to do it has become so much more crucial
than your desire for them to do it, which is mind-boggling.
I find the "I don't want to" excuse, when the request is
completely reasonable and costs you very close to nothing,
to be perhaps the lowest and vilest excuse for not doing
anything. "I don't want to" and giving reasons WHY you
don't want to when the request costs you essentially
nothing is the strongest indicator of such utter
selfishness. I, as a person who, outside of speech,
considers myself "selfless", the contrary, find this
situation despicable and disgusting. Several times I have
found myself wanting to angrily shout "You're not God" when
dealing with these people. Indeed, their feelings should
not always come first, and it is in this that you must
believe. Me, I will always consider doing something for
someone else at perhaps too great an expense of my own. I
know that it is not about me, and it seldom is. It is with
this strong belief in selflessness that I wish the spoiled
people understood. They don't, however, understand this,
and since perhaps they never will, it is up to you to
decide if the person is even worth your company. It is
perhaps too late to spank them, to punish them for being
spoiled. The only thing that could possibly decrease their
spoiledness is losing a selfless person, or at the very
least an dimension of that person, which should hopefully
assist them in realizing their lack of logic and utter

Alix Coupet