X is my secret.
2004-10-26 23:12:11 (UTC)

Mid-semester. . . . . .

So here I am, it's midsemester, and I'm still in computer
lab. . . . AKA, I don't own a computer yet. Although my
entire floor does. I love how my mother at one time will
be like, you'll get it soon, and the next she'll use
the "I've been told you don't need one" shit as an excuse.

I am very sick of my family, and glad that I have not been
in contact with them. Life has been less stressful with
them not talkin' to me. For example, my father finally got
ahold of me online, and blew up on me. I'm on drugs right
now, so I could keep my cool, but had I been not on drugs,
I would no longer call him my father.
Which I already don't want to do.

I'll finish with family and school, then I'll be on to my
boy things, promise, because I know that's what you all
want to here about.

So, I missed yet again, my psych class this morning. It's
a great story, my cell phone alarm went off at 3AM and 5
AM but it didn't go off at effing 8:30 AM and my roomie
decided to skip her 8 AM class, so, I didn't wake up in
time. Stupid cell, I guess I'll have to use my real alarm
from now on, huh?

I went relunctantly to Myth class, glad I did though, we
have an exam Thursday, adn although I knew this, I didn't
think they would teach us anything new today, but they
did. So good thing I went.

Then there's my rash. I got it Thursday (last Thursday)
and it worsened up until Monday when I went to the doctor.
They gave me medicine, so now I'm on a diet of between 2-7
pills a day. I'll explain, I have a tapering schedule like
this. . .
First of all I take one Zyrtec or whatever everyday to
stop the itching
Then the other stuff I take (or took)
Oct. 25-6 pills
Oct. 26-6 pills
Oct. 27-5 pills
Oct. 28-5 pills
Oct. 29-4 pills
Oct. 30-4 pills
Oct. 31-3 pills
Nov. 1st-3 pills
Nov. 2nd-3 pills
Nov. 3rd-2 pills
Nov. 4th-1 pill
Nov. 5th-1 pill
Or something like that, but I know I'm done on the 5th of

Uh-Oh, have to go eat dinner before the cafe closes,
finish in a bit.

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