The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2004-10-26 14:56:37 (UTC)

Um I donno

I forgot how nice romance is, I haven't been there for the
longest time. Yeah, Billy Joel, through interpration of me
first and the gimme gimmmes. I feeling kinda down today.
Im really attracted to my friend but shes got a boyfriend.
Blargh, and were really close, and everyone says we act
like were dating. Which I guess just makes it harder. She
hates that I'm talking to tricia again. For some reason it
drives her crazy, though she has no reason to be upset by
it. Stupid feelings. I donno. Feelings suck, I wish I
could be a nyhalist. But unfortunatley I care. So I'll
just take it and run, knowing everyone I ever get close to
could never truly love me like I love them. So fuck it. I
give up on love.