No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2004-10-25 03:43:13 (UTC)

"New York ain't got shit on Florida"

haha aint that the truth! :) :P
Its been such a long time since Ive written in here. Does
anyone ever check it? Can I rip my heart off my sleeve and
put it here for safe keeping? I dont think Ill ever be able
to write everything I feel...I had that but someone found it
so oh well. I should be more careful anyways.
Well...I finally broke up with Dre a few months ago. Wow.
Talk about a weight being lifted off my chest! Im with Kurt
Moclaire now. Its weird...I catch myself doing stupid shit
with him, then I get all happy that I dont hafta anymore.
Like, with Dre, it was like I was always walking on
eggshells. I was always so careful about what I said or did,
always in fear of pissing him off. I could never just be
myself around him. Now Ill catch myself ommitting things
when I talk to Kurt and Im like "wait a minute! I can say
Life is complicated right now but I think Im pretty content.
Things arent perfect but Im only 19...things arent supposed
to be perfect yet...or ever?
ugh...I feel life curling up with my kittie and a good book
so goodnight whoever you are!
Love always, me