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2004-10-25 02:07:44 (UTC)

10.24.04 Celestial Waves

I ask you to ignore the title, reader. It's just I'm
listening to Starrider by Foreigner, which EASILY makes my
top ten songs of all time!

So today I watched sappy Meg Ryan movies such as
You've Got Mail and Kate& Leopold. Why? You can probably
answer that question better than I can. I seriously don't
know, I guess it was one of those moments in which I needed
to sit there and watch a love film. And yes, ladies, I did
have a huge smile on my face at the end of You've Got Mail
when Tom Hanks kisses Meg Ryan. I was gushing. As my cousin
Ed would say, "you've become a cake Al" my brother
Jay would say, "dude what is wrong with you AL?". As my
mother would say, "Why didn't you watch it with ME, AL?
Mama lonesome!" Sherod would say "it's cool man,
you're still the guy"...As Dan would say, "ok...."
Stephanie would say "YOU SUCK!!", as Ashley would say "lol
thats so funny", as Akilah would say:...oh that's right,
she wouldnt say anything, she doesnt listen, LoL little
inside journal joke.
Moving on, the Tag Football Fest is OVER! TnT, which
consists of Mike Barr, Matt Schutzius, Jeff Weishaar, Evan
Grzelack, and I, Alix "The Alixian Hero" Coupet...well, we
lost. So we're out of the playoffs. The sad thing is we
lost to a team that we are so much more athletic than, the
SHUTTLE COCKS (BTW all the teams have underlying sexual
innuendos except us)! Right before the half, we were up 32-
6. YES, you read right, we had them by 24 points. We
wouldnt score again, though, and theyd slowly pick us apart
defensively to win 38-34, I believe. What an embarrasing
ordeal. They're a team full of juniors! I'm faster than
everyone on their stinking team, and not by a little bit
either, I'd dust each and every one of them. It seems no
one really knows how fast I am on the football field. I'm
not much on acceleration, it takes me awhile to get to
100%, but when I'm there, I'd say 190 out of 191 people
couldnt catch me. But whatever, enough about my physical
ability, I think. I needed some CLEATS!
Ehh, but it's over anyway. I just now cannot WAIT
for intramural basketball season. Alix and the AFRICAN
AMERICAN CRONIES are gonna get a squad together! Yeah, you
heard right, I'll be a token no longer...not that there's
anything wrong with the fellas, it's just...well, I'm OPEN
lol and I dont get the ball thrown to me! But yeah anyway,
if you're reading this and you know when the Intramural
Basketball season begins, do NOT hesitate to give me a
call. We've definitely gotta get a squad together! All
those who were on the Alix Coupet summer basketball roster,
expect there to be a spot open for ya. We're gonna run it,
I mean RUN IT! I'm gonna buy everyone uniforms and
headbands and stuff, and we'll practice too! Well, I dont
know how we'll practice, cause it starts in the winter, and
since we are all not filthy rich, it'll be something else
getting regular access to practice facilities. That doesn't
mean I'm not excited tho! Yes, I'm really rusty when it
comes to basketball, but give me a couple days, and the
lanky/VERY strong/quick/"i'll block yo shot again and
again" side of Tha King (BigAL tha King!) will be back. I'm
seriously hype! All the summer basketball we played. We
know eachother so well, there is no way we will suck! And I
mean, even if we do, it's okay as long as we have fun while
sucking. I havent been this excited about anything in a
WOW, lookin back, thats a pretty large paragraph I
just typed about sports. But I'm not here to look back, I'm
here to move forward. So let me now talk about college. I
wrote 7 or so essays over one night in which I did not
sleep. With the essays out of the way, the next enormous
barrier to overcome would be the Teacher Evaluation Forms.
Once both of these are clean and out of my way, though, the
rest of applying becomes reeeeally easy. All thirteen
schoools that I think I'm gonna apply to will probably all
have my applications by November 15th. Doin' Big Things.
It's BigAL.