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2004-10-24 18:46:59 (UTC)

"Together Forever"

"Together Forever"

I close my eyes and make-believe
that someday you'll be right next to me.
You're in my mind and in my heart
Ever since the very start.
I cry for you in a way so clearly
That i will always love you dearly
You made me laugh, you made me cry
You made me wish to never die.
I longed to see you one last time
As i listened to that clock with chimes.
I never got to say good-bye.
It tears inside me through my mind
That hoping someday we'll be together.
With patience, maybe it'll be forever.
I pray for happiness. I pray for life.
Just to make sure that you're alright
Fly through the heavens and think of me
Like how I see you in my many dreams.
Remember me and keep loving me too.
We'll be together so very soon.

*This ones for you, Grandma! I love you!