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2004-10-23 02:37:49 (UTC)

10.22.04 A State of Normality

well, I guess since I'm back online and a little bored,
I'll spit on the day today.
It's Friday. I just barely made the priority
application for U of I deadline, got that mugg in today.
Yep it's four days late, and it took some butt kissin, but
one must remember that I am (who? that's right.) Alix
Today was a normal day. I didn't sleep at ALLLLL the
night before because of college essays. I seriously dont
know where I got the motivation. I sat there, started at a
sceen, and wrote 7-8 college essays. Needless to say, I am
soooo sleepy. My five cups of coffee this morning sufficed
for the day, but with the caffeine gone, I know I'll sleep
like a baby tonight.
Hmm apparently out football game got moved to Sunday,
which is of course bad news. It's bad news because I know
it might interfere with Church or the Bears game (i was
HOOOOPING so badly they'd start OSU quarterback Craig
Krenzel!) and so I dont know. It's gonna be a choice of
three passions, I guess. Of course, church always wins the
battle as far as importance goes...but if I can get a hold
of a pair of cleats before Sunday, who knows WHAT will
Today, as I cant seem to forget, they played a clip
of me on VTV talking about my pet peeve, when people just
talk about themselves. Whew. Apparently those who I think
just talk about themselves just DIDNT GET THE MEMO! lol
they would be like "oh hey I saw you on VTV today, That's
my pet peeve TOO! WHen people just sit there and talk about
themselves! OMG like this one time, I....I.....I....I..."
lol I thought if anything, me announcing my pet peeve on
VTV would be a reality check, not a window for me (who
prides himself on his EXCELLENT listening skills) to have
to put up with more "I" talk. what am I, a brick wall? It's
so uunbearable, and these people of mine sometimes really
do test my patience.