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2004-10-23 02:20:45 (UTC)

10.22.04 The Alter Ego

OK, it's been nine days. Nothing really new has happened:
as Brian Gannon has asked me daily, "what is your mood on
the 0-100 scale?", I've noticed that my answer invariably
comes up higher every time. last week I reached, on this
scale, an ultimate low of like 53. And this week I reached
a 91! Anything higher than an 85 is BigAL status. Do you
know BigAL? The aggressively hilarious careless worryless
fearless being that exists in Alix Coupet? Well, that guy,
he can't be stopped. If I am an Alixian Hero (which I am
indeed), then BigAL is my heroic form, the guy "to the
rescue". He uses those around him to generate bliss to all.
So if you haven't met BigAL, hang around me more often, and
you might catch the thrill of your life.