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2004-10-22 18:31:37 (UTC)

nothing out of the ordinary

Today is boring as usual. nothing out of the ordinary.
maby i will get to go to hotsprings today. i am so tired
of school. i wish it was over with. i can't stand the
idiocy of the people in my class. it seems that no one has
any idea of how to act like they should. granted we are
still kids and we are still entitled to do stupid things,
we aren't entitled however to act like we just got home
from a day of kindergarten and are about to play bug the
shit out of mommy ( me of course being mommy). I try my
very hardest not to hate people. I know this may sound
goody two shoes but it is important to me not to harbor
hate. Still every day at school i find myself ebbing
toward the endless abyss of hate for some of my fellow
class mates. Ideally K.C. Price. Let me tell you a little
about old K.C. he is a year older than i seeing as he
failed the 8th grade. He is one of the biggest hicks i
have ever met in my life. Yes i do live in Arkansas and i
am a country girl but i am not a back woods lets fuck our
cousins kinda gal, which sorry to say K.C. sorda is. K.C.
is also a complete dumbass. The saddest thing about this
is that he could probably be pretty smart if he wanted to.
But for some reason he likes to put up a show of look at
me i'm dumb i have a really thick southern accent and i
like to moon people and listen to country music and drive
my pick up in the mud. Don't get me wrong here. i love
living in the south. I like back yard bbq's and riding
four wheelers and hunting, but jeez already lets not get
too extreme. He constantly makes fun of me and i don't
know why. I knew from the minute i met him i would not
like him, yet i tried to be nice, i tried to give him a
chance. he insisted however on calling me names and being
a jerk.i had no choice but to retaliate when he called me
a stupid fat bitch one day in class. by this time he had
already said numerous things about me i'm sure, but this
was his first direct comment against me. I called him a
backwoods cousin fucking hick, ever since we have been at
a sort of quiet war. i still tried to be nice to him when
i had the chance and i can't say that this whole mess
isn't at least partly my fault. hte last straw was
Wednesday 4th period. I went to the store tuesday to buy a
new disposable camera so that i could take a picture of
everone in my class, keep in mind that i do this every
year just for the sake of having a picture of everyone. I
ha ve keepsake boxes that i fill with mostly pictures and
i like having a picture of everyone. Well i only had a few
pictures left and i asked K.C. if i could please take a
picture of him and he said " i ain't lettin no bitch take
a picture of me" so i ga ve up and decided i didn't really
need a picture of him anyway. Later during the class
however he grabbed my camera and took 6 pictures of
himself without using the flash, therefore the pictures
are not going to turn out and he wasted them. This was it
for me i got up and left the class i couldn't help it.
almost everyday we get into somekind of squabble that
period and i was tired of it. He said i don't know what
your panties are all twisted up about but he knows that he
gets on my nerves. i wish people just weren't like that
sometimes.i don't want to hate him but he lea ves me with
no choice. Earlier when i said all the people in my class
act this way i was lying. THere are quite a few people in
my class that i enjoy hanging out with, there are also
alot of people that are dumb and mean and annoying . i can
deal with it though. I should really stop bitching all the
time . i am a depressed person i need to get happy. This
diary entry is dedicated to Josh Maxwell who is a weird
motherfucker but is so awesome he is a really good friend.
i told him i loved him yesterday because i tell everyone i
love them and he said he didn't love me. he is so much
different than me , it's hard for me to remember that
love always,
Virgin Eyes

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