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2004-10-22 03:20:38 (UTC)

My Night

So I went to work today thinking it was going to be a
nightmare cuz they gave me a new class to teach and i had
no idea what i was doing. Well, the class ended up being
so much fun. I only have 4 girls in that class and they
all are so awesome, and they love to dance which makes me
even more excited to teach them. So yeah, i think I'm
actually gonna like Thursdays from now on.
Anyways, I got home after i picked my brothers up from
their dads house and guess who is on the phone wanting to
talk to dad. WoW. I don't remember the last time i
actually talked to him. So i was pretty much in shock
knowing that he actually wanted to talk to ME! So he asked
me how i was doing with my whole stomach thing and how the
doctors were, and what kinda stuff i had to go through,
stuff like that. He actually cared! I couldn't believe it!
The last time i heard from him was when he sent me a
birthday card with everything crossed out inside. ugh,
horrible day. But anyway, I give up on getting close with
him ever again. I'm so sick of hoping that hes gonna
change back into the nice person i used to know cuz i know
its never gonna happen. I give up. So i don't know what
tonight was all about.
So anyways, i hung out with Sean tonight after he got
off of work. He brought me a flower and made me so much
happier. Hehe, anyways We went to Coffee Creek (my idea)
and we just
sat there and rlaxed. I dunno, i had a nice time, i really
did. I could be anywhere in the world with Sean and be
happy and have a nice time. Even if we're just sitting
there relaxing. i guess i'm weird. I dunno...