My Life
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2004-10-22 00:29:35 (UTC)


This entry is strictly being used to talk about
fathers (mine and Amanda's). Conserning my father, this
past weekend i broke my father, we were wrestleing around
and i kinda broke his rib, ooops i didnt mean to i really
didnt, my brother broke it once and i think he was 16
also.Kinda ironic, eh? Conserning Amanda's father, He and
his wife (Amanda's step mother) decided they dont like me
becuase Amanda wants to come back home and go to a diffrent
collage, of course i mean its obviously all for me i mean
come on there is no way she might just wanna be arounf
things she knows right? FUCKING WRONG! That fucking whore
of a step mother is probably the main force behind all this
becuase what she wants she gets trust me I've seen it i
mean her in action and i have heard thing she did, god damn
bitch! Anywho I love you Amanda!

-T.J. Fredette