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2004-10-21 22:19:42 (UTC)


Well guys, things are not exactly going so well with me
these days. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I
keep getting this horrible pain in my stomach and it hurts
so bad sometimes to the point where i just want to scream.
I've already went to the doctor and i've taken blood tests
and stuff and i'm gonna go get some xrays done soon, so
yeah, i'm kinda worried. I hope its nothing serious or
anything. If it is, i don't know what i'd do.
So anyways, yeah, today was kinda blah until i met up
with Sean after school. I went to get my blood tests done
and then went out to lunch with my mom. We talked about
what could be wrong with me and stuff and yeah it was
really depressing. She started naming all this stuff that
is in the Family that i could possibly have and ugh, i
hate it. And then my stomach started hurting like really
really bad and stuff right in front of her and i started
crying and stuff and ugh, i was so embaressed. I've never
really cried in public over my stomach until today. But
wow, did it hurt. I think it's getting worse. But
ANYWAYS!!! I went back to the school to get some hw from
my teacher and met up with Sean there. We went back to his
house and just hung out and chilled. I always have so much
fun with him. Like I could be in the worst mood ever or
have a really bad day like today, and he always manages to
cheer me up. I love it! I know he doesn't even realize it
but its true. Without him, i'd be a wreck.

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