taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2004-10-21 18:00:13 (UTC)

the next item on the agenda

Derrick (last name censored for security purposes) facial
hair update:

The burns and goat are gone, much to the pleasure of most.
However, curb your joy. beard growth commences on Sunday.

So to those who thought, ah look at Mr.Bigshot, one month
working for a semi-respectable public-opinion firm and
he's already cleaning up and selling out, think again! But
telling you that my integrity is still intact over and
over again will surely only serve to weaken the
believability, so, the end.

P.S. I think this entry qualifies me as Captain
Narcissistic. .... Well, it's better than selling out.
Besides, it's not real narcissism.

The End.

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