forever 17

silent wishes
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2004-10-21 03:56:17 (UTC)

forever 17

i just heard that song for the 1st time tonight. oh my
god...its so sad.

i'll never forget that night alittle over a year ago when
my friend called about 10 one night and i thought i would
never stop crying. i honestly thought the world was being
ripped away from me.

y'know. it hurts so bad to let go. i jsut now noticed
that. tyler's girlfriend broke up with him on monday and
the only time i can think that i've ever seen somebody cry
that much was the night jess called. it hurts so bad to let
go, but you cant keep holding on. i got asked out by a
really sweet guy today and i think i'll accept. he's liked
me for over a year, so there must be something to it if he
can stand me that long. i miss my zack so much...i want my
best friend back. but i'm just the stupid little highschool
girl and now he's off at college and has bigger things to
worry with. but i miss him all the same. oh look, its the
song he had on in the car the last time we were together,
because i liked it. he couldnt stand it, but played for me
because i liked it. y'know, that was only this summer, but
it seems forever and ever ago. i jsut wanna go back to
february and live it all again, and maybe i could make it
last longer y'know? i dont know what i did, or what i didnt
do, but whatever it was, i wanna fix it soooo bad. i miss
being walked to class everyday and getting a hug bye, even
tho it'd only be about an hour and a 1/2 before i saw him
again. but like i said, that was then, and apparently this
is now. i just want my best friend back. i envy the
apathetic people. no i dont, but it'd be nice sometimes.
y'know there wasnt a point to this at all. eh whatever,
i'll go click on the buddy info. button read the away
message one more time, hoping in the back of my mind he'll
pop up and say hey, and then i'll go to bed, and maybe
tomorrow i wont miss him so much. i doubt it, but maybe.