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The Chronicles of Virgin Eyes
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2004-10-20 22:59:27 (UTC)


Man I haven't written in months! I think I am going to try
and write more often! My last entry was really depressing,
I feel better now, some of the problems in that one are
still the same though. Since I last wrote alot has
changed. I'm back in school, Sarah went to ASMSA and I do
miss her. We still fight everytime she comes home. We are
just so much different it's hard not to fight. I still
have alot of fun with her though. School isn't too bad, I
get bored of it though and I hate most of the people
there. I really like this guy named Josh Maxwell, not
really as a boyfriend but as a friend. People make fun of
him and make up rumors about him which really pisses me
off. I am ready to break up with my boyfriend. I've been
with him for almost 4 years now. I've never even kissed
him. I've wanted to break up with him for a year now. I am
just too chicken shit to do it. I love him and I want to
still be friends with him. I think he really loves me. I
don't want to break his heart but I don't want to keep
leading him on. I don't think I could ever get another
boyfriend anyway. I wish I could find some people who knew
how to play guitar and drums so I could start a band! I am
finally starting to get over my singing stage fright, it's
holding on strong though. I'm singing at church tonight, i
hope i don't throw up. Excuse my grammar and spelling
please, Alot of people i know freak out when you don't
write I you write i, it is just too much trouble for me to
hit shift every time i write i so screw it ! Man there is
soooo much to write , i have soo little time. One last
thing before i go. Since i last wrote a friend of mine has
died. He had just turned 17 , it happened in August. He
wasn't my best friend but in the last few months of his
life i had gotten to know him alot better than i used to,
i miss him terribly, everyone does. He was such a good
person. Even if he hadn't been my friend i would have
missed him because he was such a wonderful guy, he was so
sweet and cute. I dedicate this crappy little entry to you
Aaron, I love you and miss you and think of you everyday.
If anyone reading this wants to visit Aaron's site it is it doesn't really have much on it
but hopefully soon there will be more pictures and guest
comments. Thanks for reading sorry if it was boring!
Love always,
Virgin Eyes