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2004-10-18 20:35:33 (UTC)


um, mom is gonna leave this sat.

so sad........

y she just stay w/ me about 2 weeks........... i m sure she
has her own reasons, i also knew that she also want to stay
w/ me longer, but she has to go back and take care dad
since his body is not gd; also, my gandparents need her to
take care sicne she left them a month.

i can't be selfish, she has her own choice of leavin or not

actually she stays longer w/ me or not is doesn't matter
anymore, cuz i used to it already for almost 4 yrs, it's
not big deal at all anymore.

i m a grown up person, not like a little kid anymore, hv to
think on the other person's side.

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