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silent wishes
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2004-10-18 04:09:55 (UTC)

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

assuming you do it right. we played central carrolton
friday night and spent the night in bremen to get up the
next day to go play at the tallapoosa marching contest.
well here it is, 8 o'clock at night, we're freezing our
butts off, and pretty confident in our ability to please
these 8 people stuck up in this little box. so we're
waiting for the last band to finish playing so we can march
out. then all of a sudden we hear the closer to our show
being played, and it isnt us doing the playing. everybody's
mouths dropped and we just kinda stood there for a minute,
listening. then, all of a sudden everybody stood up
straight and it was like nothing had ever happened. the
band, (rockmart,) finally finished disgracing our song
(because quite frankly it sucked too bad for words,) and
left. we marched onto the field and the sound of people
screaming and yelling flooded over us. honest to god you
could not hear yourself think for the roar of the people in
the stands and crowded onto the sides of the hill. so get
into opening set and it gets all quiet. we start our show
and after the 1st move, i hear somebody say "give 'em hell"
and from then on, oh my god, it was soooo freakin' awesome.
by the time we got to Big Noise, (the one rockmart tried to
play,)everybody was sitting on the edge of their seats
waiting. about 1/2 way though the song, everybody, i mean
every single person in the stands was on their feet
screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs. i nearly
cried as we marched off the field and when we finally got
the steps of doom (they're these concret steps that are
built going up the side of the valley that is the football
field at harrelson county. this "set" of steps goes up some
70-80 yards up the side of the valley. if you dont have leg
muscles, you will by the time you reach the top.) anyway,
once we were all safely up the steps we were screaming and
yelling and jumping up and down and crying and hugging and
throwing each other around. i'm pretty sure you could hear
us screaming and yelling back on the field, 'cause it went
on for atleast 5 minutes. the rest of the night is just
kinda boring compared to that and then came the scores and
awards. HELL YEA!!! our scores finally came and the band
got straight 1's along with the color guard and majorettes.
then we placed 3rd in our class and then 3rd out of the 20
something bands in class 1a, 2a, and 3a. when we gathered
around our director after the show, before pictures, he was
talking to us and he started choking up. oh my god we made
this big, brutal, manly man cry. hot damn and oh my god...

so anyway, that was my weekend. we totally kicked major
ass last night!!! HELL YEA!!! alright i'll be quiet now
before i start scaring people.


and to all those people that said we sucked and that we
would never amount to anything. you can kiss my ass. i
think the 9 trophees we brought home slightly obscures your
train of thought.


forever 17