Wo ist Amanda?
2004-10-17 19:54:15 (UTC)

Too much drama in life to live.

Ok. So some shit went down, so to speak. I got together
with the 13 year old guy. Statutory Rape will get ya 15
years in prison...which almost coulda happened to me. His
mom almost found out and woulda gone medieval on our
asses. Then some other kids got me in trouble by accusing
me of scaring them into my car against their will and not
letting them go home...OMG!!! That's what I get for giving
minors a ride somewhere their parents don't want them to
be. Because they got caught for smoking weed, I got blamed
for driving them to the house where they did it...which is
what I told the cops.
I got fired, so she took back my "company car" (her car),
and all my money she had just paid me for the month. Well,
since I quit school to work for her full time, I no longer
have to attend college. Stupid me, stupid me!!! So, the
guilt trips at home from my mom, along with the strong
desire to get the hell out of Lodi fueled my move to
Sacramento...which only lasted two days before the bitch
kicked me out of there too. So I came back to Lonely Lodi
and refused to live at home again. I am currently bunking
with my friend's pothead/drunk/truck-driving/bachelor/
perverted father. He's a nice guy though. So my mom got
butthurt and decided to tell me not to come back home at
all. Course, that was after she found out I was pregnant.
Yes, Jesse, the 13-year-old, got me pregnant. I just
recently miscarried...but he doesn't care because he
already dumped me and got a new girlfriend...Bianca. I
have nothing, nobody, and I'm stuck in Bumfuck Lodi,
California. No reason to be alive. After losing the baby,
I have been seriously depressed. I keep asking God why he
had to take my baby from me too. Anything but that,
anything but that..............

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