It smells like poop over here
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2004-10-16 20:46:48 (UTC)

found a box of sharp objects...

...what a beautiful thing." the used. i like that song, i
just downloaded it as a new ring tone. i got when i come
around by green day too. cemetary gates was getting old.
i just had lunch at work and i think the sandwhiches i
ate are making me sick. my stomach hurts. maybe i just
gotta take a shit, we'll find out. lauren and i just had
our year and a half anniversary, and today's sweetest day.
thank god i don't have to see her till tuesday, i didn't
think she'd want anything since she doesn't like valentines
day. oh well, ill figure something out.
im ready to move into my mom's house. joe and shawn are
two of the most disgusting people i have ever lived with. i
stopped cleaning about 3 weeks ago and the house is just
shit. i even have to let the dog out now cause shawn is too
lazy to do it and joe is starting to refuse.
i keep getting bitched at at work. "your not selling
enough, that's all you gotta do to get that promotion".
fuck that, i can't sell like others can. i can't stand
customers, that's what it probably is. i hate them. for jon
and ryan, it's like there jerking off, they start, do it
for a while them sploog and the sale is over and there goes
and hour of your time. they sell "everything the customer
needs" (shit like expensive cables, surge protectors and
service plans). it's like they hypnotize the customer. "do
want to spend and extra 200 dollars on this stupid
warranty?" "yeah sure." not like that with me, maybe i say
too much. ahh fuck it, im gonna smoke a smoke, maybe take a
shit and get back to work. peace bitches


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