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2004-10-16 19:25:52 (UTC)

Happy Sweetest Day!

Happy Sweetest Day! Yeah, i never really thought much of
this holiday. It seems its just another holiday Hallmark
made up to make money. But oh well, i'm not complaining.
So far today was pretty good. I went to work and ofcourse
my little 2 and 3 year olds were out of control! Ugh, they
were being such little brats! After a while i couldn't
take it anymore so i told them i'd give them candy if they
stopped. Lol, it worked! They were like sweet little
angels after that. LMAO! I'm gonna say that from now on.
lol, jk, but after class i really did give them candy. I
wouldn't be that mean. So, anyways! After work I went out
to my car and found a card in my door with my name on it.
It like made my day! I opened the card and found a cute
little puppy dog card saying happy sweetest day, i love
you, and stuff from Sean. Awe, i was so happy! You would
never think a piece of Cardboard paper with writing on it
could make you so happy, but it did and it meant the world
to me. I loved it!
So yeah, that was pretty much my day so far. It's only
like 2:30 so i still have the whole day, *Big Smile!!

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