taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2004-10-16 05:23:34 (UTC)

a slice of the mind

I can't help but laugh. And then breakdown and start
crying uncontrollably. And then harden with anger. I'm
writing this in the lunch room at work on the back of my
training manual as the evil stench and grime radiates all
around me. I work in corporate paradise - the sanctuary of
consumerism. Accross the road, Linens N' Things, Best Buy,
and Future Shop... side by side... sensical? On this side
of the street, the mall in which I am employed. Subway,
Sport Chek, and Radio Shack. Sometimes I just sit back in
the mall and stare as the endless stream of zombies sifle
in and wander around. Are they happy? What compells you to
shop? Hegemony, status quo, republicans. The nature of
western society; work the better part of your day away,
watch advertising, and then buy ultimately usless things,
when you're not working. The scene is grotesque first-
hand. I can faintly hear the cogs and gears of the
capitalist machine underneath the hum of the zombies and
the ambient, probably subliminal, mall mood music. Life
will surely improve with a pair of Nike running shoes and
a portable DVD player. Oh what a harvest.