The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2004-10-15 02:53:47 (UTC)


This thing has the power to draw me back everytime. I try
and get away from it, but nooooooo, its like love me, write
in me. How could you neglect me so. And I'm all like fuck
you journal, i dont wanna write in you. You are like an
attenion whore. And its all like but you love, do you not
keep some of your fondest memories in me? And Im all like
yeah but whats that go to do with it. And then its all
like I'm lonely. And then it is all like I want a
smoothie. So I go and buy a tasty smoothie and end up
having to drink cause its not the kind my journal wanted.
SO I REPEAT, journal you are a whore.