u think u kno...but u have no idea
2004-10-14 20:25:32 (UTC)


ahh so excited, mom jus called cinderella and got a
bunch of info, classes now are tuesday nights (which i
cant do now cuz of dance) and shes starting another on
thursday nights(ya i have tumbeling...) and then you work
on saturday from ethier 10-2 or 12-6 doing promotional
stuff locally (ya...i have h-arts saturdays) sooo we
decided that we cant commit to it right now, but im not
going to do h-arts in the spring time, and by then ill b
done with tumbeling so i will be able to go on thursdays
and work saturdays. its $150 down payment, and 1,000 bux
for a 20-week class, but you pay off the 1,000 bux through
the promotional modeling you do on the weekends. but, if
you dont work one week, you pay $50 for the class, so you
basically dont get paid untill the class is over. i relaly
think it would b sooo fun tho i cant wait till thw tough part..convincing my dad.... (dun
dun dun)

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