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2004-10-14 00:28:36 (UTC)

10.13.04 Pointless Survey


Name: Alix Pontz Coupet, Jr. "Big AL" "The Alixian Hero"
Birthplace: Chicago
Birthdate: 11/08/87
Current City of Residence: Homewood
Family Members: Jason brother, karen mom, alix father


Color: green

Beverage: water
Movie: Braveheart
Musical: Once Upon a Matress
Board Game: Monopoly (everyone likes Monopoly)
Computer Game: Empire Earth!
Game to Roleplay: dunno
Animal: Iguana
Sport: Football
Book: Cancer Ward by Solzhenitsyn

A Day In The Life..

School: H-F, college next year
Typical Mood: sleepy/funny
Usually Found?: sleep, or smiling
Collects: money

Have You Ever

Been kissed: yeah
Done drugs: yeah
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: you know it
Eaten sushi: nope
been on stage: yep
Been in a car accident: yep

This or That

Cold or Hot: takes extreme conditions to make me feel either
Blue or Red: red
Rain or Snow: snow
Wool or Cotton: ...wool?
Private or Public School: public
Chocolate or Plain Milk: chocolate
Celsius or Farenheit: farenheit, im american
Spring or Fall: fall
Science or History: History
Math or English: English (35 ACT on English, 23 on Math)

"Love Life"

Do you like somebody?: Yeah
Do they know?: yeah
Do you want them?: yeah
Are they hot?: yeah haha

Who do you e-mail the most? myself: seriously, im a loser
Who do you IM the most? that's hard...Tron probably
Who are you talking to now?: im not on AIM now
Are you currently in love?: nope
Is this survey lame?: kind of

In 24 hours have you...
...Showered?: Yeah
...Had a serious talk?: Yeah
...Hugged someone?: Yeah
...Gotten along with your parents?: Yeah
...Fought with a friend?: Yeah
...Done something kind for someone? Yeah
Do You Like To...
Give hugs?: YES
Give back rubs?:YES
Take walks in the rain?: yea howd ya know?
Cook?: nooo
Eat?: its alright
Sleep?: DEFINITELY...ask anyone


..Knows you the best?: Jason/Eddie/Antron
..Have you known the longest?:Mommy? non family: antron
..Do you know the most about?: Eddie
..Do you consider your friend?: over 100
..Is most likely to end up in jail?: Antron
..Can you go to with your problems?: Jesus
..Do you want to get to know better?: someone i can trust
..Do you spend the most time with?: dunno

Have You...

..Been to a concert?: nope
..Loved someone so much it made you cry?: yea
..Cheated on a test?: yea
..Ever stalked someone?: noooo...YES
..Done something you regret?: of course (human)..Been in
an online relationship?: Nope
Random Questions
Single or Hooked?: right now, neither...its crazy :-(
What is your worst habit?: bein rude when i dont know it
Scariest moment?: the time I was caught streaking
Do you swear too much?: i dont swear at all
How do you feel about homosexuality?: it's a sin
Where are you right now?: basement
Are you sitting by anyone?: nah
What song are you listening to?: Your Song, Elton John
What is the last thing you said?: "thanks"
What's on your mousepad?: dont got a mousepad (gheTTo)
What are the last four digits of your phone number?: 5509
What was the last thing you ate?: french fries
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: lol green
How many buddies do you have on your list?: 156
What's the weather like right now?: prolly 50 out
What do you feel like doing?: sleepin
What is your favorite quote?: Be yourself, cause you might
find yourself by yourself, and that's no fun