my so called life
2004-10-13 21:35:32 (UTC)

Light in the end of the tunnel

Things have gone much better lately.
It is a fact that I haven't dealt with my grandmother
getting sick and dying. I'm not over it, I have a problem
with it. The main issue is that I'm not able to talk about
it. I try, but the words just don't come. So I'm
struggeling with that.. And because of that, I've been
tired and I guess I haven't been able to be a very good
friend. This lead to my best friend here got upset with me
and thought I was sick of her. I've had a short temper and
been kind of moody. So she started treating me badly, and
I felt even worse. But now we've talked about it, and we
both understand how the other feels. So hopefully there
will be no more misunderstandings.

Ben and I are still doing great, I'm so in love with him.

I was home this weekend, and I had a great time. I'll
write about that another time.

Off to bed now, since I have the fluuuuuuu :(

Take care :)