listen to my silences
2004-10-13 19:10:43 (UTC)

it's raining outside but not in here

yep it's a pretty dreary day out there. everybody's
reallly melancholy today. including myself. though i did
get up early again to study. usually i say i will and
then i don't. but the past two class days i have. i got
a ninety three on my accounting test i took monday. i
just took a test in computers. i might have missed one or
two, but no more. i have a test in sociology next that i
have to go study for in about nine minutes because i
haven't studied at all.

monday after school i went to jake's and did my philosphy
homework. he grilled out and it was awesome. he's so
good to me. then he played guitar while i did some
homework and after that we set up everything to manage his
finances. i finally started feeling better about that
aspect of our relationship. it bothered me so much tath
he just went out and spent money if he had it instead of
saving anything. after we got that all set up (it looks
so good too) we watched tv and then i went home. i didn't
sleep very well all night, so yesterday i slept until one
thirty and then did my accounting homework. then i went
to work, which was extremely boring except for the part
where one of my cashiers threw up all over the place and i
had to count her money and everything because she was
sick. it was gross. i felt so bad for her, especially
since that was how i was all day saturday.

okay i'm talking about insignificant things to you all i'm
sure so i'm out to study.

final thought: i wanna go where everybody knows my name,
and they're always glad i came...