2004-10-13 17:28:51 (UTC)

Back on track!!!

Well, all is well. I feel well. I am not necesarilly on
track for my 4 by 5, but it's just a matter of some things
being tweeked. There is no problem for me to meet my goals
with the mindset I'm developing. It's so simple it's
almost irratating why I couldn't have done this when my
phone bill was over due.

I got a new phone. I love it! It's from U.S. Cellular. The
best deal in town. Literally. I thought it's gonna take
alot of research buying a phone, well, no, pas dous tout!
There are 4 or 5 different cell phone places in the mall
alone. All you need to know is what you want, and what to
ask. Go one at a time, get your answers, if you don't see
what you like investigate the next situation. I came I
saw, I figured out that the deal Tim Crowley told me
about. (Ain't his name cool. I'll just call him Tim C from
now on to distinguish from the other Tim.) I'm paying 25
dollars per month, for the first 6 months, then I'm paying
45 dollars a month for the last 18 months. For 1000
anytime minutes, 3000 night and weekend minutes, starting
at 7 p.m. Plus free incoming calls. Not to mention I got a
free phone. Well actually it's a 30 dollar rebate that I
have to send in. It's Dandy.

My classes are going great. I'm A'sing my reading class,
though my writing class is going down due to me
oversleeping through one whole class when my paper was
due. Then again, photography is awesome, and French is
steller. I just have to study a bit more frequently, for a
bit less time.

Primerica is awesome. Love you lots Teresa, and ow shoot,
I keep forgetting when I'm in the office to give them your
adress name and number so that they can call you. I'll do
it shortly so you too can kiss your financial worries good-
bye. You'll love it I just know you will. Bye